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Welcome to Kamala Nehru Shishu Vihar

School “Kamala Nehru Shishu Vihar” (KNSV) is a non-profit organization that aims to provide education to the poorest children. The school is located in Patna, capital of Bihar, one of the poorest state in the country.

No child will be denied the chance to be educated on the grounds that the parents can not pay school fees. Education for all is our motto! Sponsors of our facility is our survival!

Schools such as KNSV are attempting to aid the government in providing education to all children in the state, rich or poor.

Our objective

Provide best schooling possible from primary to higher secondary classes to the lowest income groups of the society.

Our Mission

To fight poverty and stimulate development by providing affordable, high quality and vocational education to the poorest communities.

our Vission

One day ,all children in this state will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.



Greetings From Kamla Nehru Shishu Vihar

Dear Friends and Patrons,

This is our humble effort to begin to reconnect with all of you. The academic year 2016- 2017 is well into its second month. Summer holidays have been declared from the 5th of May this year because of the intense heat wave sweeping across our state,Bihar.

Two major events have happened in the school campus. The Uma Baleshwar Trust has successfully completed the construction of the proposed library cum activity centre. The furnishing work is underway and is expected to start functioning fully by the month end. We are posting some photographs.

The second and the most awaited project that commenced construction is of the classrooms. The Government of Bihar gave us a handsome grant for contruction of classrooms. As we post this report, the construction of four classrooms and a hall which may be used as a laboratory is complete. The finishing works have commenced. We can safely assume that these will be ready to use soon.

  • With A Focussed And A Futuristic Approach Knsv Is Now Ready To Embark On A Journey To Facilitate Quality Educational Environment And Creating Awareness Among All It’s Students To Bridge The Knowledge Gap In Line With Current Technology & And Its Further Developments.
  • We Have Set Our Vision that One day's Every Child In This School Will Have The Opportunity To Attain Good Education & Career.
  • We Wish To Educate And Empower The Girl Students To Live A Life Of Respect And Dignity.
  • It Is Our Objective To Have A Fully Equipped Computer Lab With Networking And Internet To Bring The World Virtually In Campus Of Knsv
  • Specialised Training Programs For Teachers And Students In The Field Of Information Technology.
  • To Make Our Campus Green And Clean. To Create An Environmental Awareness Among Our Students.

Principle Message


Welcome to the Kamla Nehru Shishu Vihar. Our school serves a small part of the patliputra colony, which has only become fully established over the past fifty years. Education is highly valued by our community and as a school we have high expectations for our students. Our school motto “celebrating the past ,shaping the future” inspires us to equip students with the skills to learn and to adapt in an ever-changing world, at the same time being “lifelong learners”.

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