Greetings From kamla Nehru Shishu Vihar…
​D​ear patrons and friends
A two day calligraphy session ​was ​conducted in ​the​ activity cent​re​ by the renowned calligrapher Mr Amit Kharsani of Ahmedabad.He teaches the basic skill of calligraphy .More than 30 student from our school ​participated and learn​ the​ basic skills of calligraphy.Mr ​Kharsani​ support​ed by​ Mr Ravi Raj were very ​happy and enthused by the response of our children and decided to do a second session with them the very next day.
​Both of them felt that some of the students were excellent and could master the skill well.The session was a ​great ​
success and encourage​d​ by the response students for creative learning. Mr. Kharsani has promised that he will certainly visit the school whenever next in Patna.

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