On the 5th of June celebrated as “The World Environment Day”, we the members of KNSV take an oath to create a green and clean campus. As you all are well aware that KNSV is blessed with a rich heritage of rare trees planted by our founder members. Due to age some mango trees have perished. On a visit to the school, children of STD VI pointed this out to me and requested that they be substituted with new trees. Their only request was that more environment friendly trees should be planted. In lieu of that “The Lions Club of Patliputra” donated 25 saplings to help me in fulfil this promise. All the saplings are alive and the children are taking good care and nurturing nature in the campus of KNSV. We plan to undertake more such activities in the coming monsoon season to bring out more greenery in our campus.

We solicit support for this cause.

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